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Course Instructors

Yedidya Ben-Avie, NREMT, BLS-I

Yedidya has been an emergency medical services provider for 10 years. He has worked as an EMT in Connecticut and Massachusetts in the US, and also in Israel.

Experienced in disaster preparedness, and EMS instruction, Yedidya has a B.S. in Health Science, Society and Policy, and is currently enrolled as a medical student at New York Medical College.

Diabetic Emergencies, EMS Research, and Field Triage are just a few of the courses authored by Ben-Avie.

Sam Bradley, BS, EMT-P

Sam Bradley has been in emergency medical services for 39 years. She has earned a master’s degree in Fire Administration & Disaster. During her career, she’s been a practicing field paramedic, fire and EMS educator, and CEO of a non-profit disaster organization.

She is the training officer for a federal disaster medical services team, and also the host of “The Disaster Podcast”.¬† In her spare time, Sam is writes EMS textbooks and novels.

Shawn Godfrey, NREMT-P

Shawn Godfrey has been an emergency services provider for 28 years. During this time, he’s been a practicing field paramedic, training officer, supervisor, and general manager of a non-profit ambulance company.

He has organized and overseen several emergency response training programs, and has offered his emergency preparedness consulting expertise to a vast number of organizations and municipalities.


Tim Nowak is the founder & CEO of Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC., an independent EMS training & consulting company, formed in 2010. He has been involved in emergency medical services since 2002, and has served as a full-time firefighter/paramedic, EMS educator, critical care paramedic, and EMS consultant.

EMS, LLC., specializes in continuing education delivery, training program development, technical writing, and reference product development. Tim is also the editor-in-chief of the EMS Director, a print publication with a focus on professional development.

Lisa Michaud, NREMT-P

Lisa Michaud has been a practicing EMT for over 30 years, with extensive experience both in the field and as a trainer, in all aspects of emergency care. The courses Lisa has authored for MediCredits include Hemorrhage Control, Street Drugs, and Ventricular Assist Devices.