Course Catalog

“Lecturers are very knowledgeable, and content was spot on.”
– Daniel Garner, MediCredits App User

These represent  just a few of our CAPCE accredited courses, and brief overviews of each course’s content. Our instructors at MediCredits are experienced emergency medical service professionals from all over the U.S., with a wide variety of backgrounds. Read more about our instructors here.

Provider Safety – NCCP 0.5 CEU

Minimizing your risk of exposure with PPE is simple – and needs to be emphasized until it becomes an automatic part of your routine.

This course includes the CDC guidelines for properly washing hands, pros/cons of alcohol-based hand cleaners, proper use of eye/face protection, and importance of vaccinations.

Ventilation – NCCP 1.0 CEU

Executing the proper techniques for ventilating a patient is essential to minimize potential harm. But recognizing the need for ventilation and how to approach it is the first step.

This course features helpful visual demonstrations of proper ventilation techniques, as well as research on NPA usage and over-ventilation.

Clan Labs & Marijuana Grow Houses

Clandestine drug labs and grow houses aren’t something you’ll run across everyday – and that’s what makes them so dangerous.

Learn how to assess the environment, define the risks and hazards, and protect your safety in these volatile environments.

Field Triage – NCCP 0.5 CEU

Mass casualty incidents are something all emergency responders have to prepare for. When the needs of the injured exceed the available resources to treat them, it’s critical to quickly take stock of resources to guide decision making.

Learn about the two main approaches to primary triage, the importance of quick assessments, and how to prioritize for the best outcome.

EMS Research NCCP .05 CEU

Confidence in treatment protocol is important. Through this course you’ll gain a better understanding of Evidence Based Guidelines (EBG)- a series of systematically developed guidelines based on the best available evidence.

Learn how to critically review EMS research, and the process for developing EBG.

Street Drugs 1.0 CEU

Drug use has grown into an epidemic in the U.S, one you’ll encounter on many calls. This course covers the mental and physical aspects of addiction, commonly used drug types, signs and symptoms of abuse, and treatment methods for each type of drug.

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