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Ventilation – NCCP 1.0 CEU

Executing the proper techniques for ventilating a patient is essential to minimize potential harm. But recognizing the need for ventilation and how to approach it is the first step.

This course features helpful visual demonstrations of proper ventilation techniques, as well as research on NPA usage and over-ventilation.

Field Triage – NCCP 0.5 CEU

Mass casualty incidents are something all emergency responders have to prepare for. When the needs of the injured exceed the available resources to treat them, it’s critical to quickly take stock of resources to guide decision making.

Learn about the two main approaches to primary triage, the importance of quick assessments, and how to prioritize for the best outcome.

Chest Pain – NCCP 1.0 CEU

This course is designed to educate about the management of chest pain from cardiovascular causes. You’ll be able to differentiate and define the key characteristics of chest pain, discuss it’s prevalence, and explain how it impacts those affected.